Coaching can help us get unstuck!

The referring manager is clear about the changes they want in their staff member. As the coach I know that change motivation has to come from the client. Before change, we need understanding and insight. We need to know what is holding us back. We need goals that are meaningful and real for us. Coaching can help us plot a new approach. Coaching questions help us to consider what it’s like for others to deal with us – do they feel micromanaged? What is their perspective? Most of us don’t think about how we affect others or what its like to be in someone else’s role. Coaching takes us into places we don’t find on our own. It focuses us on actions and makes us aware of the roadblocks that might prevent us from achieving these. It’s a supportive, purposeful and specific process that builds a client’s capacity to reflect, plot change and move forward. It’s a rewarding partnership for the coach too.

What successful people say about coaching:

– Says the best advice he ever got was to get a coach – Former Google chairman, Eric Schmidt

 – Everyone should have a coach – Bill Gates

-Follow-up coaching  87% increase in the effectiveness of training –  Xerox Corporation

What my clients say about coaching:

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