People stuck in workplace conflict often stop talking to each other. The small talk we do with each other is the lubricant for friendly and comfortable relationships. When we no longer can offer a greeting or just ask how the other is going, it is a sign of tension which often builds and causes strain between us. This  creates stress for us as well as others around us.

talk about the workRecently a client said to me “ I don’t need to talk to him”. I reminded him that working as a team was expected by the organisation. This requires communication. I asked him about the stress this would be causing him.  While he protested that he was ‘ok’ with it he also spoke of having to leave the workplace rather than blow up at someone.

Cortisol  is the hormone associated with stress. It has been proven to negatively impact on our immune system and make us vulnerable to disease and ill health.Over a period of time, working with people we don’t speak to or feel an ongoing disdain for is uncomfortable and stressful. To work effectively with people, we need to feel comfortable and reasonably relaxed with them. We don’t have to be best friends.  Exchanging ‘ little’ words- ‘Hi’, ‘how are you going?’, ‘have a good weekend’, etc makes a difference.

If people don’t talk to each other at your workplace, your team  needs help.

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