“In the short term it kept me sane knowing there would be an eventual outcome. The mediation agreement will certainly assist in the long term in supporting a collegial working environment. The whole process make me revisit and validate my management practices. Would certainly recommend the coaching process, we are all lifelong learners and as such can all benefit.”  

Head Teacher


“The biggest thing i’ve got from the coaching is that I’ve gained an understanding and awareness of myself, of actions that are not appropriate, how to control my own emotions and not to take things personally. Ive taken a lot away – to listen better to others.”

Administration officer


‘Kathy helped me to think through the staff problems that had come up and develop some effective approaches to having difficult conversations with certain of my managers and my supervisor.’

‘Kathy made me aware of the areas in my skill portfolio that I tended to avoid. Through her coaching I have a better understanding of the importance of being very clear & specific about what I am seeking from my reports. I also now realise that following up on these requests is a step I need to ensure happens.’

Director of Marketing

‘Kathy’s coaching skills have helped me deal with some family matters that were delicate and were troubling me significantly.  Her coaching style was professional and skilful. It enabled me to challenge my old assumptions to gain a much broader perspective about how i might be viewed by others especially in regard to family and significant others. 

This is a wonderful method to enhance relationships. I have found working with Kathy to be very empowering and so refreshing: the reflective insights gained from her coaching approach highlight a more balanced and thus productive  path.  On many occasions she has managed to enhance my perceptions so I feel like I am no longer floundering in the dark but more happily dancing in the light now especially when dealing with families or challenging  people.’

Psychologist and family client

‘I would just like to say that it has been an absolute pleasure ‘working’ with you, and I have understood a great deal about myself and how I interact with people through our sessions.’

University Project Officer

‘Kathy is an insightful person who’s able to cut through to key points and suggest options in a direct and friendly manner. Definitely do the coaching – it’s very worthwhile. (In fact I’ve recommended you to two people already.)

The coaching gave me the opportunity and space (and ‘permission’) to think about aspects of my immediate role as well as more long term aspects of the job. It also gave me the opportunity and tools to work on specific areas of performance.

It was very useful to talk through a couple of situations that occurred during the coaching period which were in some ways emblematic of ongoing issues. I felt I’d been given the tools and a basis to build on to accomplish change.’

Senior Librarian

 ‘The coaching was invaluable. While I had the skills a work situation had eroded my confidence and the coaching gave them back to me, so thank you. I would recommend the coaching, while most people have the skills sometimes it is about re-evaluating and empowering them again.’

Academic Administration Coordinator


 ‘You provided me with insight into the foundations of the conflicted environment in which I was working. Your quiet, calm and intelligent approach to problem resolution and coaching is invaluable.’

Professional officer – team leader



 Kathy has a real talent in dealing with people who are either headstrong or hypersensitive and helping steer them towards agreeing behaviours for how to act with each other. She provided a sensible third voice that was unattached to the issues and so encouraged the others to listen to each other and work towards a solution.

 Regional Manager, Transport Industry


” I greatly appreciated your professionalism, calm and balanced manner and direct approach towards resolution. Your services and support have been invaluable during what has been a very difficult time for our small business.”

Managing Director

“I felt like I was finally being heard. I also felt like I had someone on my side making sure that I was heard. It has been a little awkward since, but getting better every week.   Simply better communication has made the world of difference.   Would highly recommend your services.” 

KH,  Administration Assistant


(As a manager) ‘I saw the need to resolve the issues around my own behaviour in a clear and open manner and support L to deal with hers. Your objectivity and ability to clarify is invaluable. Any resolution to a workplace problem would be simplified and enhanced by using your services.’

Community Support Manager

‘It is amazing how we are set in our ways and locked into a particular way of thinking and believing, your session made me look past of all that.  We would still be there defending ourselves now if you hadn’t been there to move things forward and out of the blame game…  Thank you Kathy for your professionalism, you have a very difficult job.’

Return to Work Coordinator

‘Highly recommend using your service, provided clarity on many issues and will make the journey ahead of us a lot clearer.’

Separated father

 ‘The facilitation acted as a circuit breaker to a number of difficult employee relations situations and provided a forum for both sides to have their say in a non-threatening environment. Employees feel their issues are listened to and acted on. External mediation allows management to address delicate issues without having to use more formal procedures that may inhibit a successful outcome.’

HR professional, Local Government

 ‘Your manner and the ease with which you deal with mediation is very professional and very pleasant. You made a difficult situation more relaxed for me personally and I want to thank you for that.’

Family mediation client

‘Kathy’s professional, thorough and independent approach to mediation is just what is needed in stressful and emotional situations such as was happening with our clients.’

Workers compensation insurer officer

‘Fractured or dysfunctional relationships such as the one I experienced can only be dealt with by external, objective intervention. I felt no one was ever judged by Kathy and boiling point was always redirected to a more positive and useful energy.’

Counsellor, Local Government

‘Kathy’s facilitation was very skilful. She encouraged full and deep exploration of the main and underlying issues. She is an excellent listener and summariser of key points. I highly recommend her as a mediator.’

University professor


Team Building Workshop feedback


(The workshop)

  • gave opportunity to all members of the team to contribute and to raise some difficult issues
  • provided clarification of what people need to feel supported in the workplace to function at their best
  • acknowledgment of difficult times in the past & how this & subsequent changes in the team have affected us individually
  • I think today’s format has helped to get the team joined & better able to move forward for the exciting & interesting times ahead


Managing Workplace Conflict Workshop feedback


  •  no improvements needed. Good balance of large and small group work. Workbook will be of practical use in the workplace
  • thanks Kathy for an insightful program and opportunities to practise
  • enjoyed each aspect of course. Most informative and helpful
  • I found it very valuable, thanks
  • I felt the role play situations were good, they gave clarification to the variety of  situations that can be experienced in teams
  • I really enjoyed this session – lots of practical advice and interesting discussion – thank you
  • Thanks Kathy, I really enjoyed the day – liked the fact that as team leaders we have responsibility to manage conflict- a lesson I learned the hard way – it reinforced a lot of principles
  • a very good workshop

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