Workplace Mediation & Conflict Management

Workplace mediation is a cost effective, empowering intervention for workplace conflict and disputes. When workplace relationships deteriorate or break down there are many repercussions for the individuals involved, the team they work with and the productivity of the organization. As an experienced and skilled mediator, Kathy will guide staff members toward more constructive approaches to conflict management.

Kathy has been facilitating workplace mediation with people experiencing workplace conflict for more than 10 years. Kathy’s knowledge and expertise is supported by more than 20-years experience and training in a broad range of areas related to workplace communication and conflict management skills.

“The facilitation acted as a circuit breaker to a number of difficult employee relations situations and provided a forum for both sides to have their say in a non-threatening environment.”

The Conflict Management Process

A key aspect of Kathy’s conflict management techniques is an initial assessment, achieved through discussions with supervisors and face to face meetings with the staff involved. Following this Kathy designs a process that is appropriate for those involved, to ensure that everyone involved feels safe to engage and committed to working towards improving the work relationship. These processes may involve workplace mediation or adaptations designed around the specific needs of the clients and the situation.

Encouraging openness and honesty in people is the first step in unravelling the threads of conflict management in the workplace. Kathy’s conflict management and coaching skills allow her to engage positively with people in conflict and assist them to develop positive approaches to communicating with a problem situation.

“Kathy has a real talent in dealing with people who are either headstrong or hypersensitive and helping steer them towards agreeing behaviours for how to act with each other’

Kathy’s experience includes:

  • Mediation for misunderstandings/disputes between employees or with their manager
  • Conflict management techniques for employer/client disputes
  • Workers compensation insurance return to work agreements
  • Training programs for staff needing professional development in communication or conflict management skills
  • Team building workshops for dysfunctional employee groups

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