Family Mediation

Family conflicts are often emotionally charged and stressful for those involved. Separated couples often experience disputes relating to access and care of children, property settlements and divorce. Family business, inheritance matters or care of elderly parents need careful management so that they do not fracture family connections. Family mediation can help.

The Benefits of Family Mediation Services

As a family mediator, Kathy understands how difficult divorce and separation can be for everyone involved. If you are experiencing stress, Kathy will assist you in a respectful and empathetic manner. Through the family mediation process, Kathy can work with you to:

  • Focus on the future
  • Establish guidelines for respectful communication
  • Structure and control positive interaction
  • Build healthy parenting relationships for the well-being of children
  • Ensure agreements are workable and practical
  • Document decisions and make a plan for implementing them

Legal advice is often advisable in situations of separation. If needed, Kathy can include your lawyer in the mediation process.

Parents and families who are experiencing difficulties have found that Kathy’s family mediation services help them to:

  • Avoid the cost and trauma of a court battle
  • Achieve less stressful, more productive discussions
  • Focus on building a positive future for their children
  • Provide mediation certification

How Does Family Mediation Work?

Kathy works as a neutral third party, facilitating effective communication. She works to make sure that both sides can safely express their concerns and are heard. She seeks to guide the discussion to build agreement and prevent anger and hurt feelings from derailing the mediation process. A family mediator helps families in crisis resolve their disputes and forge a new understanding that is beneficial to all parties.

‘Your manner and the ease with which you deal with (our family) mediation is very professional and very pleasant. You made our difficult situation more relaxed for me personally and I want to thank you for that.’

Kathy Tetu of Conflict Management Mediation Services is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Provider. She has been providing Family Mediation services since 2000.  Kathy is qualified to issue certificates under section 60I of the Family Law Act.

Kathy is now working as a Family Mediator with Perry Legal. Contact Perry Legal on 02 4940 4602.