Mediation or facilitation is the best way to deal with what i call conflict ‘residue’ that creates discomfort in a team. Another important factor is that the mediation or facilitation happens as soon as possible.  I recently facilitated a discussion meeting with a team around issues with their manager. The conflict residue included feelings of ‘ Am I next?’. Others expressed ‘Is that how things work around here?’ There had been problems between the manager and another team member and the other team member had been moved to a different location. Mediation could possibly have been used for this initial issue but what remained was the ‘conflict residue’. This  aftermath of discomfort was improved through the facilitation. The team members could express their concerns and work together  towards how things were going to be in the future.

conflict facilitation mediation

The manager was able to apologize for the problems, the team members each were able to tell her what they wanted and expected from her leadership.  Through the process, this dedicated and conscientious team were able to clear the air. They also established how to deal with any future conflict and get back on track. Doing this soon after the incident was a wise call from their manager. Check my website for more on the advantages of mediation and facilitation. Another site gives some basic mediation skills that we all can benefit from developing.

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