Meetings can take up a great deal of management time. They are costly of organisational resources. Poor meeting outcomes can impact on staff morale which further contributes to the cost. Engaging an external facilitator for those important or challenging meetings is an investment in productivity.

Kathy Tetu can assist your team to work creatively for innovative and workable outcomes.

Preparation is the key to productive meetings. Kathy will work with you before the meeting to scope the goals of your meeting. Mechanisms for ensuring people are appropriately prepared for a meeting can assist in making it an effective use of staff time. Conversations before the meeting with any reluctant participants may help in addressing their concerns and getting them on board.

Kathy’s experience with facilitating ‘Strategic Conversations’ may assist your team with innovative planning for significant and workable changes.

Kathy has facilitated business and community meetings relating to:

  • Business planning for academic and non government organisations
  • Enhancing return on assets
  • Improving interdepartmental communications
  • Succession planning
  • Product marketing
  • Service promotion
  • Review of IT services

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