What is Coaching in the Workplace?

Workplace coaching is the process of helping people to fully develop the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to achieve their personal and workplace goals. For many people, coaching in the workplace provides the support needed to develop skills and advance their career goals. When staff conflict arises, coaching can help staff before workplace mediation to achieve a more constructive outcome, or after workplace mediation in adapting to the agreements reached at a workplace mediation.

What are the Goals of Workplace Coaching?

Coaching works to improve performance and unleash the potential of the individual to accomplish their goals and to deal more effectively with conflict. The individual learns to:

  • develop leadership and management communication techniques
  • get the most from their staff
  • advance career goals
  • grow the capacity to deal with difficult people and situations
  • prepare effectively for difficult negotiations and workplace mediation
  • understand their impact on others

How Can Workplace Coaching Help You?

For many managers and executives, workplace coaching is the backbone of their success. Managers need a toolbox of high level communication skills. Any employee wishing to advance their career will need to be able to interact successfully both upwardly and with their peers and reports.

Kathy Tetu will provide workplace coaching for staff members before they engage in workplace mediation. This assists them to be able to frame clearly what they want and to understand the dynamics of the workplace conflict.

Kathy can also help you generally to develop more effective communication skills with a wide range of people and in diverse situations. Coaching provides support to achieve your goals, and leads to better job performance and satisfaction.

“Kathy made me aware of the areas in my skill portfolio that I tended to avoid. Through her coaching I have a better understanding of the importance of being very clear & specific about what I am seeking from my reports.”

Coaching in the Workplace

As a Communication Coach specializing in coaching in the workplace, Kathy’s expertise covers areas such as:

  • Assertive communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback constructively
  • Delegating successfully
  • Delivering difficult messages
  • Benefiting from criticism
  • Working with powerful people
  • Managing stress and developing resilience
  • Preparing staff to engage in workplace mediation

Kathy is an accredited and experienced Conflict Coach. She can help you or your staff to:

  • Identify and manage your reactions to conflict
  • Understand how your style may be perceived by others
  • Identify specific goals in relation to a problem and plan actions to achieve your goals
  • Broaden your range of responses to difficult people
  • Develop positive approaches to challenging situations including workplace mediation

““You provided me with insight into the foundations of the conflicted environment in which I was working. Your quiet, calm and intelligent approach to problem resolution and coaching is invaluable.”

Kathy Tetu is accredited with Conflict Coaching International.  She is an experienced coach with many positive client reviews.  She uses her coaching expertise to benefit workplace mediation clients. See more client testimonials.

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